iHn Creations manufactures and sells products such the HelpMeHand®, a multi-purpose signage assembly used to indicate when a motorist requires roadside assistance.  We use sales profits to HELP people who are broken, marginalized, dismissed, or disadvantaged.  While this may include people in many situations, iHn Creations' focus is to HELP those who have disabilities, who are living homeless or in poverty, have a history of addiction, or have been formerly incarcerated.

We recognize that these individuals are often in need of extraordinary assistance, second (or more) chances, and extra support with daily life. They need to know that neither their identity, nor their future life course, is defined by their past mistakes, developmental differences, socioeconomic status, or life circumstances.  Simply put, they need GRACE from those who have the resources to HELP.

Grace is not earned, it’s given. Grace is God’s unmerited favor, undeserved blessing, a free gift.   Grace is a part of the character of God, and He expresses it toward humanity in many ways.  We feel that a significant way for a company to honor God is to purposefully emulate His character while serving humanity.